Salon Bitter from Stuttgart, DE, are the reckless sound of the future, seasoned with a genuine blast from the past.

Oozing 80s synthpop and shattering Italo Disco bangers come to life all anew from the relentless inconsistency of Salon Bitter’s musical work. An energy-soaked live show is taking this newfound life to ever ascending new heights in the form of an intoxicating sugar rush.

Salon Bitter is Manuel Maschkowitz and Benedikt Hummel who bump into eachother on the streets of Stuttgart and soon realize that their hearts are meant to connect and spark gorgeous musical novelties. Maschko’s beats give Benedikt’s ecstatic singing a wholesome home and Benedikt’s lyrics fit Maschko’s 80s reviving grooves like a cherry on whipped cream.

First steps in the music bisswax materialized in the form of the antiparty smasher “Abgesagt” or Technosport “Play Ball”. These baby steps soon evolved to giant hymnal leaps on Debut EP “Totenkopfäffchen” that combines glamorous turboromance with rattling synths and leaves no heart unbeaten and no hip unswung. Titletrack “Totenkopfäffchen” is retrodadaistic Dancepop at its finest while “BB King” mows through pop culture references with naughty wit. Their Stuttgart roots are held up high on the local hymn “Marienplatz Girls” while their mind is already set for the comsopolitan world and its woes besung on “Spider Monkey In Manhattan” where synths from the swabian smalltown sassily take a bite from the big apple. While the hips are still buzzin, what remains is a bitter taste from the nonstop sugar rush – not unconditionally tasty but surely here to stick a while.

The year 2022 finally marks the end of the initiate era: with new tracks “Telekommunikation” and “Shame” accompanied by performance videos it’ll all culminate in the release of the “Marienplatz Girls EP” in May. This vinyl release combines debut classics with new tracks and writes band history in physical release form. It wraps up a grand start into grander fun and makes room for clear minds towards a bright future with the obvious next step imminent: The Bitter Album #1.

Time for some bitter sweets on the saloon streets!

– SALON BITTER February 2022

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